Kathmandu: It has been more than ten years since Tulsi Upreti, a resident of Ward No. 5, Itahari sub-metropolitan city, went to Hong Kong to fight with a big dream of making her life meaningful and integrating herself into the country's service. 

Upreti, who is interested in business, has developed his career in Hong Kong in a short period of time and has advanced his hand in the field of social service and business in Nepal.

He concentrated his hard earned money on the online business that ran on the global market. He was very excited about the commercial leap made by China and predicted that business like 'Alibaba' can be done online in Nepal as well.

"We are using technology, the world has made it a business, why can't we do it, so I decided to carry on a similar business through Ambala Asia Pvt Ltd", he says.

That is why Upreti has made Arjunadrishti a saying of its founder, Jack Ma. According to Jack Ma's message that 'if you have to catch one of the nine rabbits in the field, pay attention to only one', he wants to turn to business.

'The world is running in commercial terms. All the battles in this world are focused on business', adds Upreti, 'so even a person can be successful if he pays attention to something, but he has to move forward in relevance with the times.'

Ambala Group Nepal, a company that supplies quality health materials for Nepal to prevent and test against Corona Virus (Covid-19) infection, was sent from China.


He has seen two things in this - service to the country. Another, the use of the general price of the service.

Materials such as PPE, surgical masks, PCR machines, etc. are of the quality certified by the World Health Organization for the prevention, testing and support of the Corona virus.

'We will not compromise on sending and bringing effective materials to strengthen Nepal's health sector', says Upreti, 'Now, due to the shortage of health materials, there are materials ready so that there are no complaints about the lack of intensity in testing.'

The company has been importing such materials from China. Chairman Upreti informed that not only surgical, medical products, product sourcing, but also support in payment handling, custom clearance etc.

You can also go to Ambala Asia's page on our social media for easy information and to get in touch. At this time, we are trying to contribute in a way that we can get rid of the epidemic as soon as possible through coordination and cooperation, says Upreti.

Moreover, he wishes that the campaign in Nepal will achieve some success. Therefore, Durga Prasai, who was involved in the national campaign, was invited to Hong Kong and a program was held without the knowledge of the media. He has also denied it procedurally.

By issuing a statement, he objected to the association of his name and the company's name in a news published online.

He issued a statement on Sunday and said, "I would like to draw attention to the news titled 'Durga Prasai in Hong Kong under siege of Hundiwala' in the online news portal."

In the statement, 'while there is ease of public presence for the Nepalis in Hong Kong, there was no question of the organizers having an investigation policy on who came or did not come to the event, and what their work was. However, it has been mentioned that due to the publication of the news defaming Ambala Group of Companies and AG Express Cargo Hong Kong with the name and photo of Hundiwala siege, there has been institutional damage including my personal.